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At Alum Rock Maintenance we help home owners with any repair jobs they may need. We're a committed team of handy men with a combined 56 years of experience in this industry.

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We also offer a variety of other home services not necessarily related to repair jobs. For more information on a detailed list of all the services that we offer we recommend visiting our services page.

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[Step-by-Step Guide] – How to Build a Shower Cabin


In order to build a shower cabin, you need to have skills in carpentry and tiling. Some wiring and plumbing knowledge is also necessary. If you lack in either of these skills then it is wise to hire a professional.

The other option you do have and is worthy of consideration it to go down the per-fabricated free standing shower cabin route, there any many types in the market now and you certainly get good value for money, however you are governed by the sizes available, so if you have an unusual space then the custom cabin below will be your better option.

Before you start building the shower cabin, you need to have all the necessary tools with you including craft knife, electric screw driver, hacksaw, screw drivers, etc. Here are the basic steps in building a shower cabin.

#1 Fitting a shower screen

Use a simple waterproof curtain to screen off a bathroom. There many screens available to choose from; some have hinges while others have sliding doors.

#2 Shower cubicles

These come in various forms, from screen panels to cabinets. The doors of the cubicles also vary. Choose one that you feel is convenient.

#3 Build a stud partition

You can add any existing wall to your cubicle. Mounting the shower unit on the stud partition is very convenient. The partition can be made up of softwood.

#4 Fitting the shower tray

Most shower trays are made from molded plastics. Before fitting the tray you must ensure that it is leveled properly. You may or may not raise the tray from the floor. Make sure the waste pipe is tilted enough to drain off water.

#5 The waste system

It can run through the wall. Establish the pipe’s exit point. Joining plastic waste pipes: Make sure the plastic pipes are compatible.

#6 Tiling the interior

Tile the inside of the cubicle with grout and waterproof tile adhesive. Seal joint between shower tray and tiling.

Here's a great video showing you all these steps so that you can have a better idea of how to do it properly:

You should be concerned about your safety at all levels. At any time if you find any problem you must seek professional’s help. Building a shower cabin can become complex if any of the steps mentioned is done wrongly. So, care must be taken at each step of the process.

By Larry B | November 16, 2015 | Blog

5 Most Frequent Electrical Repair Problems at Home


We often have electrical problems at home. Some of these problems, like fixing the door bell or putting a new bulb, we can do ourselves. But for major electrical problems, we need to call in an electrician to solve our problems. Here are the most common electrical problems we encounter at home for which we require professional help.

  • Service panel repair: Service panel is the place where utility wires provide electricity. This electricity then gets distributed to other circuits at home. If there is any problem in your service panel then necessary devices like lights and fans won’t work. So, you need to call in an electrician immediately to solve the problem.
  • Florescent lighting repair: These lights often go wrong and you need an electrician to fix it. You might have to replace the socket or the starter.
  • Receptacle repair: Electrical receptacles or wall plugs often go wrong for your appliances other electronic devices cannot work properly.  The electrician will check the outlet and replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • Security system repair: If there is any problem with your home security system, then you must immediately call an electrician to see what’s wrong.
  • Switch repair: If your switch has any problem for which electricity is not passing through certain wire, then the electrician will come and fix it for you.

Though electricians always carry their own toolbox, it is helpful to have a toolbox at your home as well. Make a collection of some useful tools so that you can fix minor electrical problems at home by yourself.

There are many online materials and videos which teaches you why certain electrical problems happen and how to fix it yourself. Knowing the cause of the problem will help you to be cautious regarding your future maintenance of the electrical devices and appliances.

By Larry B | November 16, 2015 | Blog